Little Celebrations #11: Liturgical Quotables


Our Religion lies not in what we believe, but in where we find wonder and goodness. We are, most of all, a community that gathers to reach toward that which can never quite be grasped. Though each of us may be slightly different from the other, still we are connected, by common DNA, common heritage, […]

On a Ute Holy Man at the Parliament of the World’s Religions


Last week marked Indigenous Peoples Day. A year ago last week I attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah. For me, these two things will always be connected. The Parliament of the World’s Religions marked a homecoming for me. I grew up in Salt Lake City and still have family […]

Little Celebrations #10: Liturgical Quotables


To be human at all, is to celebrate and commemorate, to laugh and weep, to worry and rejoice. When we do these things in thoughtful community they become full and sacred because the holy is, itself, composed of the commonplace of each life. * * * * * * * * * * Let us […]

Of Science, Bison Bones, and Eternity


On a side trip last year while camping my way to the west coast, I found myself casting up dust along a tooth-jarring washboard road across Nebraska’s badlands. After twenty miles I arrived at a gravel parking lot, from which a dirt path led down to a Monet-like pond. Glassy water mirrored sky, cattails, willow, […]

Little Celebrations #9: Liturgical Quotables


The seasons have cycled for billions of years. The sun journeys ever toward the next way station on the calendar, bringing light ever new and warmth ever welcome to the land. In the same spirit we gather weekly to greet, share our own warmth, and reflect on the greatness that surrounds us. We celebrate and […]