Sorting Out PTSD: Snakes or Prisms?

Arctic Iceberg with its underside exposed, by A. Weith

I write about my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder not least because I am in a relatively safe place to do so. Being retired, my income no longer depends on what people think of me. My mental illness makes me no less compassionate, inquisitive, or creative. It simply means I have an extra hurdle now and then. […]

When Technology Outruns Reason, Pt. 2

Interior of Experimental Breeder Reactor-1. Creative Commons photo by Orange Suede Sofa

(This is another excerpt from my book, Monuments: One Atheist’s Intimate Religious Reflection.) I was driving across southern Idaho’s Snake River Plain, which is the bleak bosom of American Nuclear Research. More than 50 experimental nuclear facilities have been built there over the last two generations. My destination this day was the EBR-1 National Historic […]

Little Celebrations #14: Liturgical Quotables

jordan 11 space jam for sale size 9.5how to fix space jam 11sjordan 11 space jam december 2016 11 space jam buyspace jam 11s for sale size 13 We are graced by the beauty of the earth, the glory of the skies, and another week of journeying with those dear to us. We regret our […]